Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft


Why buy a Larsen Howie Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft Insurance policy?

This product is provided free of charge with all purchases of Professional Indemnity and IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance, is available to be purchased on a standalone basis, or as part of our Contractor Legal Protection Cover.

Our Jury Service & ID Theft Insurance provides a contractor with protection against two of the most common risks faced on a day to day basis and which are often totally out of their control.

Jury Service

Jury Service cover provides a contractor with, depending on their day rate, up to £650 per day and £6,500 total cover for when they are called to Jury Service and unable to earn all or part of their day rate as a result.

With the random selection process that decides who gets selected for Jury Service, much like many HMRC investigations, there is no way to manage down the risk of being chosen, leaving every contractor at risk of being unable to earn, or at best being able to reclaim only a small percentage of their full day rate.  Jury service tends to last a minimum of two weeks, but some cases can last for months, some even longer.  Being randomly selected you have no control of when or where this will be, and for how long.

Cover includes:

     Bullet Point    Up to a maximum of £650 per day
     Bullet Point    £6,500 per claim
     Bullet Point    £25,000 per policy period

Identity Theft

Identity theft cover provides legal expertise to recover your personal identity following the misappropriation of it without your knowledge or consent where your identity is used to obtain goods, services or to commit criminal activities.

In an ever-growing online world, many aspects of our identity are available more readily than most people realise, and with criminals now targeting this more than ever it is a costly and time consuming exercise to recover when stolen.  The removal of civil judgements, rectifying the accuracy of records and defending legal claims all arise as a result of a criminal using a stolen identity to purchase items, leaving the innocent victim to pick up the pieces and attempt to clarify the situation.

With an online support system to provide guidance and advice in the event of a claim you can be rest assured that we will assist you through the claims process and help you to restore your identity.

Cover includes:

     Bullet Point    Defence against a claim from financial institution, merchants or their collection agencies. 
     Bullet Point    The removal of any wrongly entered criminal or civil judgments
     Bullet Point    Challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a Credit Reference Agency report
     Bullet Point    Documentation creation to prove the insured person's innocence
     Bullet Point    Postal and phone costs in reporting, discussing and dealing with an actual identity theft
     Bullet Point    Fees charged for reapplying for a loan due to incorrect credit information being initially provided
     Bullet Point    Lost earnings as a result of time away from work to see the Police, financial institutions or Credit Reference agencies
     Bullet Point    £5,000 per claim
     Bullet Point    £25,000 per policy period

Costing just £20.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax), underwritten by one of the leading insurers in the UK, and with claims handled by one of the UK's leading experts, our Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft Insurance policy is as good as they come.