Contractor Legal Protection


Why buy a Larsen Howie Contractor Legal Protection Insurance policy?

Our Contractor Legal Protection Insurance has been specially designed for contactor, freelancers and consultants to provide them with professional representation for both the defence and pursuit of commercial and personal claims, including appeals. The policy reacts by covering the legal costs involved in a case, which can include solicitors and barristers’ fees, court costs, experts’ fees and attendance expenses.  

Every business owner needs to ensure that they are protected against the risk of having to defend or pursue a legal dispute with a third party.  With ever increasing legal fees for defending or pursuing a case through the UK courts, our Contractor Legal Protection affords you peace of mind that expensive solicitor fees are covered for a range of common disputes that a contractor faces, allowing you to focus on your day to day core activities of being a contractor rather than be weighed down by the timely complexities and stress associated with a legal dispute.

It is uncommon for end clients and agencies to insist that a contractor hold legal protection insurance before they are allowed to commence a contract, but many contractors decide this is too bigger risk for their business to take, and ensure they have cover in place prior to commencing.

Commercial covers include:

    Bullet Point    Contract disputes
     Bullet Point    Property protection
     Bullet Point    Licence protection
     Bullet Point    Personal injury
     Bullet Point    Debt recovery
     Bullet Point   Consumer disputes

Personal covers include:

     Bullet Point    Home rights
     Bullet Point    Criminal prosecution defence
     Bullet Point    Complimentary telephone legal advice line

Costing just £30.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax), underwritten by one of the leading insurers in the UK, and with claims handled by one of the UK's leading experts, our Contractor Legal Protection Insurance policy is as good as they come. 

For just £20.00 our Jury Service & ID Theft Cover Insurance can be added to Contractor Legal Protection Insurance to provide a complete defence against two of the most unexpected, costly and time consuming matters a contractor faces today.