IR35 Insurances

Protection against an IR35 investigation by HMRC is available to contractors so that they can have peace of mind against the worst happening.

Entry level cover, provided via our IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance ensures that if HMRC open an IR35 Status Enquiry into your company that you are provided with expert representation to defend the matter all the way through to conclusion, allowing you to continue to focus on the contract(s) being worked on rather than having to review, prepare and personally defend a case that could take years to conclude and cost tens of thousands in legal fees. 

Comprehensive cover comes in the form of our IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance, which not only provides the expert representation from start to finish, but also cover any back tax and national insurance contributions, interest and an additional penalty, which can be up to 100% of the liabilities owed, all accumulated over the past six years that HMRC can look in to can amount to tens of thousands of pounds in addition to the expert representation cost. With both representation and liability cover afforded under the one product this provides contractors with the most complete peace of mind. 

IR35 Contract Review - Assessments are provided as standard with every insurance product taken out with Larsen Howie, meaning you can submit your contract to us so we can review your IR35 status and advise you accordingly. Whilst the insurance policies run for a year from their start date, if you start another contract and want the associated contract reviewing we can do so. In addition, we also offer a IR35 Contract Review - Full which provides personal feedback on relevant clauses, and an IR35 Working Practices Review, all with various turnaround times to suit your requirements. 

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