If you are currently working as a contractor, you may well think of yourself in the context of the working world as a pretty tough egg.

Not having the benefits of full employment may trouble some of your friends or family for example, who mightn’t be as au fait with the vast number of benefits contracting brings as you are.

If you do think of yourself as pretty tough – well, now you have some proof.

Statistics from Contracting Scout have found that more than half of contractors haven’t taken a day off due to illness in the past two years.

31% of the contractors surveyed for the research had never called in sick, and 35% said they would only take a day off from work if they were at death’s door.

Of course we can’t say for certain that there’s something in the contractors DNA – I’m no scientist let me assure you – but the fewer amount of sick days could be due to a higher satisfaction with their working life.

In fact, the Contracting Scout research found that a majority of contractors are happy with their working life, and 75% would recommend contracting to others.

A natural concern when contracting is where the next contract will come from. The research showed that contractors are accounting for this potential problem well however. More than half have at least three months wages saved up, and almost three quarters are looking to add to that kitty in the near future.