Despite the current uncertainty within the contractor community in the public sector, a significant majority will not look to become fully employed staff and will aim to remain working in a contractor capacity.

That’s according to a new survey from Qdos Contractor and reported by Shout 99, which has found that more than half of contractors affected by the reforms say they will never ‘go employed’.

As would be expected, the general consensus was that that the reforms were very much a negative thing. 95% of those surveyed said the benefits of working as a contractor would diminish once the reforms kick in.

The survey also found that around 85% of contractors currently working in the public sector would look to continue working as contractors in the private sector, rather than potentially be moved to the payroll of a public sector company.

Speaking to Shout 99, Qdos Contractor CEO Seb Maley said: “By and large, a telling proportion of UK contractors are confident enough to say they’d never go employed is positive news, in what ultimately is a period of uncertainty for the sector.

Understandably, contractors are feeling threatened by incoming IR35 changes, with many planning to stop working on public sector contracts should they be found caught by the new IR35 rules”.

Maley added that with the right guidance and support however, contractors can still thrive.

“The UK’s contractor workforce should be able to continue to benefit from working independently - and in the public sector - without the fear of wrongly being deemed inside IR35 by public sector clients,” he said.