Contractor Scout has released the results of a recent contractor survey – covering everything from IR35 reforms in the public sector to Brexit.

The survey found a vast amount of contractors were in positive spirits, with 44% confident to state they were planning to increase their rates in the next 12 months.

48% are looking to keep their rates as they currently are, indicating that collectively, 92% of the contractor market is either in a stable position, or in a position to increase their worth.

There was also optimism shown regarding the Brexit vote, despite the general uncertainty the move is bringing to many sectors. 37% didn’t think Brexit will make any difference to them, but 26% did say that they felt leaving the EU will make it more difficult to get work. Interestingly, 11% felt Brexit will make it easier to get contract work.

There was a general feeling of frustration with the UK government however, with 60% of those surveyed expressing their belief that the government is discouraging people from contracting and would rather they became permanent employees. A measly 8% felt valued as a contractor by the government.

The big contributor to this animosity is the proposed reforms to IR35 in the public sector. More is expected to be released about this contentious issue in the upcoming autumn statement.

In general, however, the survey further highlighted the benefits – both professional and personal – of being a contractor.