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IT & Technology Professions

We provide a comprehensive selection of insurances and IR35 services to contractors, freelancers and consultants working in the IT and technology industry. 

With professions ranging from Database Consultants to System Analysts to Website Developers, our products are specifically tailored to the needs of the IT and technology industry, and are underwritten by some of the biggest insurers in the UK, ensuring you peace of mind at all times, and especially when it matters most.

There are unique challenges faced by professionals working in the IT and technology industry, be it a mistake that damages a clients reputation, a disagreement over how the end product or part of it should look, or receiving notification from HMRC that they want to investigate your IR35 status and/or returns.  When the worst happens we’re here to protect and support you and your business.

IT and technology professions we insure online

     Bullet Point    Analyst      Bullet Point    IT Manager
     Bullet Point    Analyst Programmer      Bullet Point    Network Communication Consultant
     Bullet Point    Business & IT Consultant      Bullet Point    Network/PC Support Consultant
  Bullet Point   Computer Games Designer      Bullet Point    Programmer
  Bullet Point   Computer Graphics Consultant       Bullet Point    Software Consultant
  Bullet Point   Computer Programmer      Bullet Point    Software Developer
  Bullet Point   Computer Software Developer      Bullet Point    Software Procurement Consultant
  Bullet Point   Data Analyst Consultant   Bullet Point   System Analyst
  Bullet Point   Data Coordinator   Bullet Point   System Architect
  Bullet Point   Data Recovery Consultant   Bullet Point   System Designer
  Bullet Point   Data Storage Consultant   Bullet Point   System Software Engineer
  Bullet Point   Database Consultant   Bullet Point   System Tester
  Bullet Point   Hardware Consultant   Bullet Point    Technical Analyst
  Bullet Point   IT Consultant   Bullet Point    Telecommunications Consultant
  Bullet Point   IT Forensics   Bullet Point    Website Developer
  Bullet Point   IT Maintenance        

Can't find your profession?

If your profession isn’t shown in the above list, or you fall outside of our standard parameters i.e. your turnover is in excess of the listed bandings, it doesn’t mean we can’t cover you.  Simply contact our Customer Service team who will listen to your requirements and advise you what the next steps are in looking to get you on cover as soon as possible.

Customer Service contact details:
T: 01163 800 400
E: customer.service@larsenhowie.co.uk

Products offered

You put an enormous amount of effort in to making your business a success, and when the worst happens we want to make sure you are protected.  Every business, no matter how small, needs to protect itself from a range of varying risks and threats in the modern world.  With over a decade of experience in the marketplace and though using our vast connections in the UK insurance market we are able to offer a range of comprehensive business and IR35 insurances that have been specifically tailored for the exact requirements of contractors, freelancers and consultants, ensuring you total peace of mind against the most common risks faced on a day to day basis and at the most competitive prices. 

All of our insurances can be purchased via our state of the art website or our highly experienced and friendly in house staff who are able to listen to your requirements and advise you on the most appropriates products and levels of cover. 

Our range of insurances includes:

     Bullet Point    Professional Indemnity
     Bullet Point    Public (& Employers) Liability
     Bullet Point    IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance
  Bullet Point   IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance
  Bullet Point   Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft
  Bullet Point   Contractor Legal Protection
  Bullet Point   Contractor Personal Accident

Every contract has its own IR35 position, and it only takes one contract to be deemed inside IR35 when it was thought to be outside to be caught and go through a costly process of paying back what HMRC deem to owed in back tax, interest and penalties.  Having each contract reviewed is vital in being proactive and ensuring the correct IR35 status is ascertained in advance of a potential HMRC enquiry.

Our range of IR35 Contract Reviews includes:

     Bullet Point    IR35 Contract Review - Assessment
  Bullet Point   IR35 Contract Review - Full
     Bullet Point    IR35 Working Practices Review