Contractor Personal Accident


Why buy a Larsen Howie Contractor Personal Accident policy?

Our Contractor Personal Accident product is one of the best, if not the best on the market for the trades we cover and the price we charge.  Our fully comprehensive policy offers the following cover as standard on an occupational basis i.e. the accident must happen during work time or travelling to or from a place of work:

Benefits payable in respect of an accident

  • Choice of £50,000, £100,000 or £150,000 lump sum benefit (this is the total maximum payout - not per section)
  • Death
  • Loss of one limb
  • Loss of two or more limbs
  • Loss of sight in one eye
  • Loss of sight in both eyes
  • Loss of sight in one eye and loss of one limb
  • Permanent total disablement (other than total and irrecoverable 

    loss of sight of one or both eyes or loss of limb(s))

  • Temporary total disablement of £250 per week - for up to 52 weeks (includes a 14 day waiting period)


Benefits payable in respect of illness:

  • Loss of sight of both eyes
  • Permanent total disablement by paralysis only
  • Temporary total disablement. 

Major exclusions:

  • Illness, including sickness and disease, of any kind
  • A criminal act
  • Accidental bodily injury that happens outside the period of this insurance
  • Accidental bodily injury caused by: Your suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury, a criminal act by you, your being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, your deliberate exposure to exceptional danger, your engaging in flying of any kind other than as a passenger, war, whether war be declared or not, hostilities or any act of war or civil war, nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination or your engaging in or taking part in armed forces service or operations
  • Any condition whether diagnosed or not, for which you have sought advice, diagnosis, treatment or counselling or of which you were aware or should have been aware at inception of this insurance or for which you have been treated at any time during the three (3) years prior to the inception of this insurance
  • A chronic pain syndrome including but not limited to Chronic or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or fibromyalgia
  • Neuroses, psychoneuroses, psychopathies or psychoses, anxiety, stress, fatigue or any other mental or emotional diseases or disorders of any type
  • Venereal disease or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDs related Complex or Human Immuno-deficiency Virus
  • Any benefit or any portion of a benefit for disablement arising from the interaction between bodily injury and another medical condition.                                        

With prices starting from just £50.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax), underwritten by one of the leading insurers in the UK, and with claims handled by one of the UK's leading experts, our Contractor Personal Accident Insurance policy is as good as they come.