IR35 Contract Review - Assessment

An IR35 contract assessment covers off the key points in your contract that relate to IR35. Our IR35 consultancy team will search for clauses most likely to come under fire – for example, whether you have a personal service (or substitution) clause, whether your engager has any control over the way you do your work, or whether there are any signs of you being obliged to provide continuous services to your client. We’ll then provide a pass or fail based on the three key employment status determination tests (which you can read more about here) and give pointers as to how to improve any problem areas.

This is a great option for those that are confident that they’re not inside IR35 but are required to have a contract review to take out IR35 insurance or have been asked to have a review by their accountant.

Why do I need to get an IR35 contract assessment?

When it comes to your IR35 employment status, HMRC will want to see that you have been proactive in determining where you stand in the off-payroll rules and that you've made an effort to make any necessary amendments to stay on the right side of the legislation. By undertaking a contract assessment, you can evidence that you have taken reasonable care in doing so. This can greatly aid the defence of your case should you find yourself in an investigation. 

Our expert team of IR35 specialists here at Larsen Howie can help you ascertain your IR35 status and even provide general IR35 advice. Part of the service we provide is to help you actively improve your IR35 status. We aim to ensure all our customers are as safe from IR35 as possible.

Please note this service is provided free of charge with the following products:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance

In short, we provide our expert opinion on whether your written terms indicate you as being inside or outside of IR35. Your dedicated IR35 specialist will provide feedback on the parts of your contract that negatively impact your IR35 status. They will focus on the 3 major status tests of IR35; substitution, control and mutuality of obligation (you can read more about these tests here). In addition to this feedback, your IR35 specialist will advise you of any amendments that could improve your IR35 status regarding your written terms, and once suggested amendments have been implemented, we can provide you with a re-assessment free of charge. We're happy to liaise directly with your end client or recruiter to make sure any necessary amendments are understood by the relevant party.

Additionally, we'll provide a comprehensive list of the business insurances you should have in place.

We don't offer bespoke comments on each IR35-relevant clause in an assessment - however, this is included as part of our full contract review service. We also don't offer a review of your working practices as part of our assessment service, but this is available as an optional upgrade which can be added on at checkout, or can be purchased separately.

Lastly, we don't offer a Confirmation of Arrangements document as default but again, this is available as an optional upgrade at checkout or can be purchased separately. It is, however, included as standard as part of a full contract review.

Once you have purchased the required product you will receive a link via email. This link will take you to our dedicated upload system where you will be able to upload any relevant documents. If this seems to be taking a while to arrive in your inbox, check your junk folder.

If you are entitled to receive a working practices review or have added one to your order this will likewise be provided in a link via email. This link will take you to our online working practices questionnaire.

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