IR35 Contract Review - Full

A full IR35 review is a deep dive into your contract. Our IR35 consultancy team will thoroughly read every clause in light of IR35 and will pull out any potential issues in regards to the three status tests to provide a comprehensive list of improvements that need to be made, including wording change suggestions.

You’ll get the same essential pass or fail result from both the Assessment and Full review, but the latter option offers more detailed explanations and covers every element of your contract.

How can a full IR35 review of your contract benefit you?

When investigating IR35 status, HMRC will want to see that you have been proactive in assessing and improving your stance. By undertaking a full contract review, you can evidence that you have taken reasonable care in doing so. This can greatly aid the defence of your case.

This is the best choice for those that are confused over IR35, are genuinely concerned about their employment status, or want as much detail as possible in any contract feedback.

Our expert team of IR35 specialists here at Larsen Howie can help you ascertain your IR35 status and provide general off-payroll advice and guidance. Part of the service we provide is to help you actively improve your IR35 status. We aim to ensure all our customers stay on the right side of the legislation.

IR35 Full Contract Review FAQ

  • Keeping it simple, we provide our expert opinion on whether your written terms indicate you as being inside or outside of IR35.
  • A full review is a more in-depth review of both the positive and negative points relating to IR35 in your contract. The focus will not only be on the major status tests but also any relevant minor status tests for IR35.
  • We provide a list of detailed amendments relating to the negative clauses in your contract. Improving your status is made hassle-free by your very own IR35 specialist.
  • Once suggested amendments have been implemented, we can provide you with a contract re-review free of charge. This way we can provide you with a new IR35 status indication.
  • If your agency or end client are proving difficult to pin down, that is something we can help with. Our team of experts are on hand to help liaise with members of your contractual chain. This includes suggesting contract amendments directly to the relevant party.
  • We provide a clear and complete list of the business insurances you are required to have in place. These insurances are also something we can help you put in place via our website.
  • A Confirmation of Arrangements document. This complimentary template can be filled in with your details and signed by your end client.
  • A working practices review - this is an optional extra.

Once you have purchased the required product you will receive a link via email. This link will take you to our dedicated upload system where you will be able to upload any relevant documents.

It is a basic form designed to be filled out by you and signed by your end client. This sets out how the engagement works in reality and relating to the contract. It may be worth reminding your end client or agency that this is not a legal document. It is only ever used for taxation purposes should an IR35 status enquiry occur. Completing this document is, however, in all parties’ best interests as it strengthens your IR35 position and reduces the potential time that could be involved in any IR35 status enquiry. It also goes to show the intention of all parties when entering the engagement.

If you are entitled to receive a Working Practices Review or have added one to your order this will likewise be provided in a link via email. This link will take you to our online Working Practices questionnaire.

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