Free Contractor Insurance

We believe that our customers should always get maximum value for money, that's why our Professional Indemnity insurance policies includes both our Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft insurance and an IR35 Contract Review - Assessment for FREE. In addition, every IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance policy also comes with a FREE IR35 Contract Review - Assessment. With the right contractor insurance in place, you can work with peace of mind knowing that you will be properly taken care of.

Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft

Jury Service Cover provides a contractor with up to £650 per day and £6,500 total cover, depending on their day rate, for when they are called to Jury Service and unable to earn. With the random selection process that decides who gets selected for Jury Service, much like many HMRC investigations, there is no way to manage down the risk of being chosen, leaving every contractor at risk of being unable to earn, or at best being able to reclaim only a small percentage of their full day rate. By providing peace of mind that if selected the losses will be fully covered, or at worst mitigated down to a manageable level, contractors can be rest assured that their personal life and income won't be seriously affected as a result.

Identity Theft Cover provides legal expertise to recover your personal identity following the misappropriation of it without your knowledge or consent, and where your identity is then used to obtain goods, services or to commit criminal activities. In an ever-growing online world, many aspects of our identity are available more readily than most people realise, and with criminals now targeting this more than ever it is a costly and time consuming exercise to recover when stolen. The removal of civil judgements, rectifying the accuracy of records and defending legal claims all arise as a result of a criminal using a stolen identity to purchase items, leaving the innocent victim to pick up the pieces and attempt to clarify the situation. With an online support system to provide guidance and advice in the event of a claim you can be rest assured that we will assist you through the claims process and help you to restore your identity.

IR35 Contract Review - Assessment

All contractors in business today need to be proactive and show that they have taken reasonable steps to understand IR35 and ascertain their status accordingly.  When HMRC decide to open an enquiry in to the IR35 status of a contractor, the contract(s) in question will be requested and reviewed, along with liaising with the end client(s) to ensure that the working practices mirror the written terms. Being able to evidence your status and provide this to HMRC with the necessary documentation, showing that you have taken proactive action to ensure you are outside of IR35 will greatly aid the defence of the case, which itself can a very stressful time. 

All you have to do is easily upload your contract and any accompanying documentation, which can be undertaken during the purchase process or uploaded to your account later on, and we will then review the contract and provide an opinion as to if it is a pass or fail. If the review provides a fail opinion, we will liaise with you to advise on the recommended amendments and additions to clauses within the contract and then re-asses it once implemented.

 Larsen Howie

Terms & Conditions

These products are paid for by Larsen Howie.  The products will automatically be added to your basket when you add either Professional Indemnity or IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance and cannot be removed.  You can opt out of receiving either of the products by contacting us on 0116 380 0400 or [email protected] and requesting to cancel the products at no charge. At renewal, the products will renew and you can again cancel as per the previous instructions. When cancelling no money or credit is provided in exchange.