GSK Contractors IR35 Consultancy, Contract Reviews & Defence

To date, just under 1,500 contractors engaged by pharma group GlaxoSmithKline (or GSK) have received letters from HMRC requesting that they check their IR35 employment status, and to subsequently prove that they’re genuinely self-employed. 

The letter is strongly worded and lives up to HMRC’s reputation for heavy-handedness in such matters. Naturally, GSK contractors will be concerned for their future income. The letter isn’t announcing that an IR35 investigation has been opened, and the actions it requests aren’t legal requirements, so don’t panic – there’s still time to help yourself. However, it’s absolutely imperative that you don’t ignore it and get professional tax advice as soon as possible.

What can you do to protect yourself as an affected GSK contractor? 

IR35 Consultancy for GSK Contractors

Our IR35 team offers rapid-turnaround consultancy and advice for all contractors that are concerned about IR35. Our IR35 consultancy experts are lead by our Head of Tax Andy Vessey ATT, ex-Qdos IR35 veteran and defender of over 500 employment status cases, of which he's won the overwhelming majority. In light of HMRC's targeting of GSK contractors, we've decided to offer reduced hourly consultancy fees to ensure the best advice and defence is accessible to those affected. See our pricing for GSK contractors below: 

Hourly rates pre-enquiry*     Hourly rates post-enquiry*
 £100    £125

Our pre-enquiry rate is applicable from receipt of HMRC's letter requesting a review of the GSK contractor's employment status and proof that said contractor is genuinely self-employed. We'll offer advice on the evidence HMRC is looking for, what information you need to send in response and next steps to protect yourself against the possibility of an enquiry. 

Our post-enquiry rate is applicable from receipt of HMRC confirming that an IR35 enquiry has been opened and the GSK contractor is now under investigation. This will be treated as a standard defence that we would offer to all contractors during an IR35 investigation. 

Read more about what the HMRC letter means for you as a GSK contractor here.

IR35 Contract & Working Practices Reviews for GSK Contractors 

To be able to provide evidence to HMRC that you are indeed a genuine contractor engaged by GSK, it's imperative that you understand your own employment status position. The most comprehensive and efficient way to do this is by getting your contract reviewed by a tax professional - in this case, preferably an IR35 specialist. Our contract review team is lead by our Consultancy Manager Matt Tyler, another ex-Qdos IR35 expert with over half a decade in the field. Our range of IR35 Contract Reviews includes: 

     Bullet Point    IR35 Contract Review - Assessment
  Bullet Point   IR35 Contract Review - Full
     Bullet Point    IR35 Contract Review - Refresher
  Bullet Point      IR35 Contract Review - Convert
     Bullet Point    IR35 Working Practices Review

You can read more about the different kinds of reviews we offer and find out which one would be best for you hereor for any other questions regarding how to submit your contract, documents or working practices answers, visit our dedicated IR35 Contract Reviews Range page

Refer a Friend Scheme for GSK Contractors

We want to help you save as much as possible in this worrying time, so we've adjusted our usual Refer a Friend scheme to suit. Both you and your fellow GSK contractor will receive £10 off our IR35 consultancy fees each should you refer them to us. To refer a friend or colleague, simply email us - including yourself and your friend's respective names and contact numbers - with them cc'd in and we'll take care of the rest. 

Please see our generic Refer a Friend Scheme details, plus the specific terms and conditions for this offer, here

*All rates are gross, VAT is non-applicable and fees exclude re-chargeable travelling expenses