IT & Technology Contractors

From hardware repairs to software design, system audits, and security testing, your clients rely on you to keep their data safe and their business running without a hitch. This huge amount of responsibility means that if something goes wrong, the fall-out is far-reaching. Here at Larsen Howie, we help you to protect your business so you can do what you love with peace of mind. We offer a huge range of insurances, from Professional Indemnity and Public (& Employers) Liability to IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities.


IT & Technology professions we insure online
     Bullet Point    Analyst      Bullet Point    Business & IT Consultant
     Bullet Point    Software Consultant      Bullet Point    Computer Programmer
     Bullet Point    Software Developer      Bullet Point    System Analyst
  Bullet Point   Technical Analyst      Bullet Point    IT Consultant

If your profession isn't in the list above, we could still cover you. 

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What insurances do IT & Technology contractors need?

Professional indemnity insurance (often referred to as PI) is one of the fundamental types of insurance for IT & Technology freelancers and contractors. Our PI policy protects you and your business, should your client allege that you’ve made an error or omission in your services. This can include inadequate software advice given, negligence in data protection, or flawed systems designs. It also covers legal expenses when defending the claim, or any compensation needed to fix the problem.

Public liability insurance Public Liability (PL) insurance covers the cost of a claim made by a client or a member of the public that has suffered injury or property damage as a result of work you’ve done, i.e. someone could trip over your laptop bag and injure themselves. While this may not seem necessary if you’re a home-based contractor, it’s worth having even if you rarely work from a client’s office.

An IR35 Contract Review protects you from potentially being caught by IR35. IR35, or the Off-Payroll Working Rules, has been reintroduced to challenge possible avoidance of tax and NI contributions. In particular, HMRC is looking for so-called ‘disguised employees’ who gain and carry out work via partnerships and limited companies. This makes IT & Technology contractors, freelancers and consultants prime targets for investigation, particularly those that work in the financial, pharmaceutical and energy sectors. If you find yourself being investigated under IR35, HMRC will ask you to prove that you’re NOT an employee - this is where a preemptive contract review will be invaluable. We can also provide you with one of the UK’s leading tax experts for IR35 training or as a defence should you have to go to trial.

Covers available
  Bullet Point   Professional Indemnity
  Bullet Point   Public (& Employers) Liability
  bullet point   IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance
  bullet point   IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance
  Bullet Point   Contractor Tax & Legal Protection
  Bullet Point   Contractor Personal Accident
  Bullet Point   IR35 Contract Review - Assessment
  Bullet Point   IR35 Contract Review - Full
  Bullet Point   IR35 Working Practices Review


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