IR35 Consultancy

We offer a complete range of IR35 consultancy services to everyone, customers and non-customers, agencies and accountants alike, on a bespoke fee-paying basis.  Consultancy is provided by our in-house staff who are all ex-HMRC inspectors, and it is their in-depth knowledge and experience is crucial to our ability to provide the most effective and efficient service, and is what sets us apart from the competition.

Being recognised as one of the leading authorities on IR35 through the work of our staff and their publications, seminars, webinars, training and consultancy on the subject, our team of leading industry experts are here to help you no matter how small or big your IR35 query.

The range of IR35 consultancy services we offer is endless as it is provided on a bespoke and friendly consultancy basis, and cover issues such as:

     Bullet Point    General IR35 queries
     Bullet Point    IR35 status issues
  Bullet Point   HMRC IR35 status defence enquiries and representation
  Bullet Point   IR35 legislation updates and amendments guidance
  Bullet Point   IR35 in the Public Sector
  Bullet Point   Tax, NI and PAYE questions
  Bullet Point   Dividend enquiries
  Bullet Point   Contract reviews
  Bullet Point   Working practices reviews
  Bullet Point   Supervision, direction and control queries
  Bullet Point   Section 660a matters
  Bullet Point   The 24-month rule queries
     Bullet Point    Expenses questions

Most of the consultancy can be undertaken remotely, via email and telephone, but where we required we are able to meet up to explore matters in detail, or to represent you in person against HMRC or other parties.

When engaging us it allows you to remove the hassle of having to find, understand and interpret what is often technical language that isn’t written in plain English.  We help remove the stress of trying to reach your end goal, be it get a better understanding of your position or defence a HMRC enquiry, all in a friendly, proactive and professional manner. 

The time it takes us to swiftly conclude matters is something we pride ourselves on, and which is only achievable due to the experience of our staff and their inside knowledge of HMRC and having been around and worked on IR35 since its inception nearly two decades ago. The cost benefit of working with us is something that all our customers recognise, and is why they often return and request we undertake further consultancy work for them.

Our rates are £100 per hour to current customers and £120 per hour to non-customers (a current customer is someone who has purchased an insurance or service directly from us within the last 12 months and not cancelled that policy, or an accountancy or agency we have a current and active relationship with). With a quick turnaround in providing a quote, and such competitive rates, we’re proud to be one of the first names on a contractors mind when it comes to IR35 consultancy. 

To find out how we can help you with IR35 contact us on 01163 800 400 or [email protected].