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Professional Indemnity


Provides cover for the legal representation, damages and awards that are the result of a claim made against the business that alleges errors or omissions in providing a professional service. Cover extends to include the loss of or damage to documents, Data Protection defence costs, awards by Ombudsmen, court attendance costs as well as providing indemnity to principles, sub-contractors and specialists.

Public (& Employers) Liability

Ensures protection for contractors who interact regularly with clients, providing cover for claims made against the business from end clients, the general public or people visited who allege personal injury or property damage, and can be extended to include employees. Mistakenly thought of as only being required if a business operates from an office, accidents will always happen wherever and no matter how careful a business is.

IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance

Cover includes everything within the Contractor Tax & Legal Protection package, plus professional representation should HMRC open an IR35 status investigation into your tax affairs.

IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance

Our ultimate insurance for contractors operating outside IR35. Cover includes everything within the Contractor Tax & Legal Protection and the IR35 Tax Investigation packages, plus £25,000 (for every claim) cover for back tax, NI, interest and penalties applied by HMRC following the conclusion of an IR35 status investigation into your tax affairs.

Contractor Tax & Legal Protection

Covers a wide range of disputes and the associated expensive legal costs a contractor faces when having to defend or pursue legal action with a third party as well as HMRC enquiries. Complimentary legal telephone advice lines also come as standard.

Contractor Personal Accident

If you are injured during the course of your work, the policy pays out a set amount should you lose a limb, eye or die. It also extends to cover a weekly £250 sickness payment if you are unable to work after 14 days (except due to general illness).

IR35 Contract Reviews

All contractors in business today need to be proactive and show that they have taken reasonable steps to understand IR35 and ascertain their status accordingly, and an IR35 Contract Review demonstrates to HMRC exactly that and is a key indicator in proving IR35 status. The table below highlights the differences, options and upgrades available between them: 

    Assessment     Full Review   Refresher
  Overall inside/outside opinion Included Included Included Included
  Succinct list of essential changes  Included Included Included Included
  Agency and end-client liaison  Included Included Included Not Included
  Required insurances highlighted  Included Included Included Included
  Bespoke comments on each applicable clause Not Included Included   Not Included    Not Included 
  Guidance on legislation for extended contracts Not Included Included Included   Not Included  
  Guidance on switching to contracting Not Included Included  Not Included  Included
  Working practices review  +£27.00 +£27.00 +£27.00 +£27.00
  Confirmation of arrangements document issued  +£27.00 Included +£27.00 +£27.00
  Service level options:        
  Standard five business day turnaround  Included Included  Included Included
  Next business day turnaround +£30.00 +£50.00 +£30.00 +£30.00
  Standard price £44.00 £99.00 £30.00 £44.00


IR35 Working Practices Review

A contract should mirror the actual working practices a contractor undertakes when engaging with an end client. However, the ‘true’ contract is not the written one but the one that the review of the working practices reveals and this holds vast credence with HMRC during an IR35 status enquiry. To ensure maximum protection a contractor should get their working practices reviewed and then the end client to provide written confirmation of such.

If you already receive or choose to add the IR35 Working Practices Review to your order, you should complete and submit this to us online. This can be done by clicking here.

Document Upload

When purchasing one of the above IR35 Contract Review products, copies of your contract and any other supporting documentation is uploaded online. This can be done by clicking here