IR35 HMRC Enquiry Defence

There is nothing worse than receiving the dreaded letter from HMRC informing you that your IR35 status, or any other reasons that HMRC decide requires them to open an enquiry into your affairs.

When this does happen, we’re here to help.  If you haven’t taken out one of our insurances that provides you with cover for a HMRC enquiry, then we won’t just leave you in the lurch, we’re able to spring into action and help defend you on a personal and bespoke fee-paying basis.

Our IR35 HMRC enquiry defence is led by our Head of Tax, Andy Vessey, and it is their in-depth knowledge and experience is crucial to our ability to provide the most effective and efficient service, and is what sets us apart from the competition. They know the enquiry process, what guise and form it will likely take, how long it will last, what questions will be asked, the necessary and relevant legal precedent, and use this to put together a comprehensive response so that your best interests are protected. 

As well as being recognised as one of the leading authorities on IR35 through the work of our staff and their publications, seminars, webinars, training and consultancy on the subject, our team of leading industry experts are here to help you defend yourself against HMRC and to get the best outcome possible in the most efficient manner.  HMRC enquiries often last a couple of years, which not only causes stress but impacts on your earnings, pressing ahead without professional and experienced representation can lead to both of these, as well as the time taken to conclude the matter, increasing.

The time it takes us to swiftly conclude matters is something we pride ourselves on, and which is only achievable due to the experience of our staff and their inside knowledge of HMRC and having been around and worked on IR35 since its inception nearly two decades ago. The cost benefit of working with us is something that all our customers recognise, and is why they often refer us to colleagues and friends, as well as return for further consultancy or in the event of a subsequent HMRC enquiry.

What’s more, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ll be completely up front with you and advise you on the likely chances of success from the outset, or from when we pick the case up (as we do accept cases that have already started or which are being swapped to us from previous representation) without stringing you along.  If your case isn’t great we’ll work with you to achieve the best outcome possible, but where it is we will work with you all the way to ensure you get the outcome you deserve, no matter how far it goes through the system and how long it takes, even if it requires multiple appeals and/or reaches the tax tribunals.

Our rates, and more on Andy Vessey can be found here.

To find out how we can help you with IR35 contact us on 01163 800 400 or [email protected].