Contractors in a number of industry sectors are in their highest demand for 14 months according to newly released statistics.

A combination of companies requiring specific skill sets and an element of post-Brexit uncertainty have seen the demand for contractors at its highest since January 2016. That’s according to the latest labour market statistics, compiled by the Office for National Statistics.

The industries in which contractor demand was at its highest included Nursing, Medical, and Care and Blue Collar work.

“The labour market is moving in a positive direction, with employment at a record high and unemployment still falling,” said Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. “Our monthly jobs report shows placements via recruiters are increasing and demand for staff is at an 18 month peak, so it’s likely employment numbers will continue to creep up.”

If willing to search extensively and potentially relocate, contractors may be closer than they think to their dream contract. An increase in demand but a dwindling number of suitable candidates is currently blighting many areas of the market. Those contractors with in demand skills sets could therefore face less competition for roles than in times gone by.

“It’s already really tough to find candidates and skills shortages have been intensifying. Sectors across the economy, from healthcare to food manufacturing, are reliant on EU workers,” said Green. “They’re getting increasingly worried about how they’ll cope if recruiting from abroad becomes even harder post-Brexit.”

If Brexit does indeed bring about difficulties for companies in finding staff, demand for contractors is likely to only increase.