A new survey has found that an increasing number of professional sectors are turning to contractors following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

The number of permanent vacancies ‘flatlined’ in September 2016 following the Brexit vote, according to data collected by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) from a number of professional recruiters.

Despite this, the statistics from a contracting perspective in many cases made pleasant reading, especially if you are currently seeking a position.

Though sectors naturally vary in terms of opportunities, some had significant contractor opportunity growth.

In the financial services industry for example, the number of contractor opportunities year-on-year rose by 8%.

Similarly, in the marketing industry, contractor vacancies grew by 3%.

Though the effects of the Brexit vote are still yet to be fully realised, the continued positive statistics around the number of opportunities for contractors is extremely pleasing to those operating in this way.

Adam Pode is director of research at Staffing Industry Analysts – the company who compiled the survey with APSCo. He commented: “While we have yet to see a discernible Brexit effect, there may be an increase in temporary vacancies and a converse decrease in permanent hiring as the uncertainty of what is going to happened over the next couple of years becomes more certain.”