A new report has found that many senior human resources professionals believe non-permanent hiring will continue to grow over the next two years.

The findings from Alexander Mann Solutions, a global talent acquisition and management firm, will be music to the ears of members of the contractor community.

According to the research, 63% of senior HR professionals predict a continued growth in non-permanent hiring, offering further indication that contractors are forming an increasingly solid cornerstone of the wider UK labour market.

“When you consider that millennials are expected to account for a staggering 75% of the global workforce by 2030, it’s hardly surprising that HR managers expect non-permanent hiring to increase substantially over the next few years,” says Laurie Padua, director of technology and operations consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions. “The generation currently entering the workforce are renowned for the emphasis they place on flexibility, and there is little doubt amongst the HR community that their preferences will continue to shape changes in the nature of the workplace.”

Padua did add that he was concerned by the lack of measures some firms have in place to effectively use contractors and non-permanent staff.

“In order to benefit from access to industry leading talent, senior HR professionals need to ensure that there are HR processes in place to efficiently source and manage the engagement of non-permanent professionals,” he said. “HR managers will also need to ensure that they conduct thorough reviews of their attraction and retention strategies and implement measures to proactively engage with highly skilled contingent professionals or risk losing not only the ability to access vital skills, but also any advantage over competitors.”

This final point is particularly pertinent for contractors, as it indicates companies who have previously not considered employing contractor workers may look to do so as more and more realise the potential benefits.