A major industry body has called for the UK government to better prepare schoolchildren for independent work in their future.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) has said that a module in schools to help teach  students how to look after finances when working for oneself could be of huge benefit, particularly with the changing nature of modern work.

IPSE has suggested included such an area of study in the national curriculum could better prepare students for the world of work once they leave education.

“The module should include financial education, basic business principles, basic legal understanding and commercial awareness," said Lydia Wakefield, IPSE’s education and training manager. “As well as a standalone module, enterprise education should also be embedded throughout the curriculum.”

With a growing number of people looking to enjoy the freedom working for themselves can bring, both as contractors and freelancers, such a move could not only better prepare students for this way of working, but even encourage them to do so.

Wakefield added: “Young people entering self-employment cannot be expected to succeed if they don’t have simple finance skills, such as understanding taxes, invoicing and budgeting.”