It’s been all over our TV screens and newspapers for ages now, and this time next week, the winner of the snap general election will be known.

The period since Theresa May took over from David Cameron as PM following the somewhat unexpected result of the EU referendum has been rather tumultuous for the contractor community. Public sector reforms around IR35 and Brexit uncertainty have been topics that have regularly reared their head.

If you’re still undecided at this stage, well, time is running out to make your mind up! If you are a contractor, there’s a high chance you’ll be looking to vote for the party that seems to offer the most support to your way of working.

But who is that exactly? Well, Chris Bryce is CEO of the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, and has been speaking this week about the election and its relation to the contractor and self-employed communities.

“The Lib Dems appear the most supportive, though their policies might not help self-employment’s long term success as much as they could,” Bryce said. “The other parties have either made taxing the self-employed or protecting a minority of vulnerable workers their priority. However, in protecting vulnerable workers, there could be a knock-on effect on other segments of the self-employed workforce.”

The IPSE has recently launched its own manifesto, which outlines how the self-employed, and those working as personal service contractors, should be supported by whichever party prevails on 8 June.

“The self-employed are the goose that lays the golden egg, and we are very proud to represent them,” Bryce said. They are the men and women who every day add great value and flexibility to the UK economy. The increase in the number of self-employed people working in the UK in recent years is dramatic and quite spectacular and let me tell you: this phenomenon is here to stay!”

Bryce calls on the new government to support modern ways of working such as contracting.

“Ours is a manifesto to give the self-employed the support they need, the policies they deserve and the platform to be successful,” Bryce added. “We want the new government to think of our self-employed future.”

The full IPSE Manifesto is available here and makes for an interesting read for contractors.