News coming out of the IT sector this week will be music to the ears of many IT contractors.

Firstly, demand for IT contractors went up in the month of September. Statistics from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation show a steady rise in demand, in what is typically a strong month for such figures due to September being the first month after the traditional holiday period.

However, as reported by Larsen Howie last month, August saw demand for IT contractors reaching uncharacteristic heights. For demand to grow again in September then is a very pleasing sight for anyone currently between contracts.

A number of particular areas within IT contracting, including Devops, E-commerce, General IT, Java and UI/UX Tester. Roles covering CAD Design, and PHP Development, were also found to be particularly in demand last month, and continue to be so now.

Anyone with expertise in these areas should take heart from the fact that companies out there will want what you can bring!

In other related news, statistics released this week indicate that almost half of contractors working in IT are taking home more than £500 per day, with some exceeding £700 in take home pay for each day they work.

The findings from Qdos Contractor claim that 40% of contractors in the IT sector are pocketing in excess of half a grand each day, while 8% are revelling in day rates beyond the £700 mark.

To put that into some kind of context, almost half of contractors in the IT sector are taking home somewhere around the £10,000 mark each working month.

These statistics show what IT professionals are worth to companies today, and judging by the demand, more and more are looking to contractors to meet their needs. If you work in IT and have long considered contracting, now could just be the perfect time to make the leap.