If you’re a contractor currently between contracts, take a look at this new app which allows candidates to add their own personality to a job application.

SNAPP CV lets users complement their usual curriculum vitae with a 60 second video clip of their own creation.

The app has just gone live on a crowdfunding site, with a goal of £200,000 set, and well over £100,000 already raised.

If successful, the app could give contractors looking for that dream contract the perfect edge they need to land an interview.

“70% of employers admit that CVs are no longer enough when they’re trying to differentiate between candidates, and 85% of candidates themselves believe their personality is just as important as their qualifications when it comes to succeeding in their job,” said Natasha Makhijani, SNAPP CV’s CEO. “Our exciting mobile concept aims to give employers a new way to differentiate between applicants, as well as giving the candidates that prime opportunity to showcase their personality alongside their CV.”

So if you are currently between contracts, first and foremost, take a look at the Larsen Howie contractor guide. It’s a great place to ensure your CV as good as it can be.

Then, if you so wish, you can use SNAPP CV and the video option to stand out that little bit further from the crowd. Good luck in your job hunt!