If you’ve worked as a contractor for a number of years, it can be easy to forget that many still view contracting as quite a radical way of doing things.

Certainly, contracting doesn’t offer the security of a permanent role, and some people thrive on that. Others prefer the increased take home pay and flexibility that contracting offers.

At Larsen Howie, we know which type of worker we prefer. And it seems that more and more companies are starting to think that way too.

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According to research from recruitment insight providers TALint Partners, employers are moving away from the traditional permanent roles in favour of other options.

A survey compiled by TALint Partners has found that just only 29% of internal hirers and recruiters feel permanent jobs will remain the default option for the workforce moving forwards.

“The fact that so many internal hirers and recruiters are seeing such a rapid, and seemingly long-term change suggests a need to fundamentally re-think the current approach to perm vs temp roles,” explained Ken Brotherston, managing director of TALint Partners. “For those employers who believe that the ‘status quo’ is maintainable or desirable, these results suggest that they need to learn to be more flexible – and fast. The challenge going forward is how businesses will cope with adapting to this evolution.”

Contractors an appealing option?

What does this all mean for contractors? Well, the results are positive. It appears that many companies are beginning to look at contractors as both a viable and appealing option.

Of course, the growth of things like the gig economy are helping to change how companies look to fill roles. And with around 15% of the UK’s workforce now working for themselves, the change is impossible to ignore.

It’s pleasing to hear that attitudes are changing towards temporary and contracted workers. Perhaps HMRC could be as accommodating moving forwards.

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