As companies in the public sector begin to feel the pinch of losing much their contractor base due to the controversial IR35 reforms, some organisations are starting to advertise positions as being ‘outside IR35’.

The move is being adopted by some recruiters looking to keep or bring contractors to the public sector, having seen an exodus since the reforms were announced and introduced.

Such advertising is indicative of a struggle to fill places, as recruitment firms try to highlight the negativity towards the reforms and begin to shore up a sector that has endured a turbulent few months to say the least.

The IR35 saga in the public sector has only exacerbated what was already a difficult situation. Factors such as Brexit and the tricky political space had already started to take its toll on areas such as healthcare, as reported by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in a February report.

In healthcare, many highly skilled roles have proven particularly tricky to fill, as the talent pool, fed in many cases by contractors, has dried up significantly.

The fact that recruiters are turning to terminology that may appeal to contractors then will come as little surprise to many. How successful their efforts will prove to be remains to be seen.

One thing is fairly obvious though. The forewarned damage the reforms would have on the public sector, largely ignored by those making the big decisions, are starting to come to fruition. It seems that those in the public sector, and in this case those recruiting for it, are starting to acknowledge this.