Reports indicate that delays caused by traditional pre-employment screening process for contractors are beginning to become a thing of the past.

Often intrusive and time-consuming, screening process for some jobs can be of huge frustration to contractors, who can sometimes face costly delays of up to three weeks before beginning work on a new contract.

Contractor UK has reported that vetting firm Hired By Me believes IT contractors are now being screened just once before they receive an offer of work at most financial firms.

This assessment was given based on figures from 40 agencies. If representative of the wider screening process, it will be music to the ears of contractors,

Contractors are carrying verification data ‘from role to role’ according to Hired By Me. They tend to only pay a top-up when searching for their next contract, which is valid for 90 days and covers any changes between roles.

The vetting firm confirmed to Contractor UK that contractors operating their own Personal Service Company should be able to claim such costs as a business expense.