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Andy Vessey speaks at BFI IR35 Conference

4th July 2019 

Larsen Howie’s Head of Tax, Andy Vessey, is giving a talk today at a conference held by Business Forums International (BFI) about preparing for IR35. The event, titled IR35 Planning and Preparation Conference: Compliance – Contracts – Organisational Solutions – A Practical Guide, will help business owners understand what procedures need to be put in place to ensure the limited company contractors they engage are outside the legislation.

BFI has been delivering HR knowledge to global and national organisations for over 20 years through world-class conferences and training events. They pride themselves on their thoroughly-researched presentations and collaborations with expert producers, one such expert producer this year being our very own Andy Vessey.  

BFI IR35 Conference

The agenda, as shared by BFI, looks to cover off every aspect of IR35 preparation to help businesses continue to use a flexible self-employed workforce with minimal risk. Contractors are a staple in many large-scale business plans as a means of completing specialist or one-off projects without the cost of hiring permanent employees.

BFI’s agenda states that:

‘Organisations must prepare flexible workforce staff and get to grips with tests in order to remain compliant, either inside or outside IR35 rules. You may be putting your organisation at risk if you do not clarify your status and avoid last-minute panic.’

The comprehensive seminar will offer businesses ‘the tools to draw up a compliant and workable game plan for staffing that will avoid fines and ensure talent pools remain at optimum levels.’ It’ll also help to teach businesses the best ways to classify and communicate with affected staff, ensuring they’re aware of their options and obligations as well as offering a range of workable contract options.

All of the above is absolutely crucial for both businesses and contractors to avoid getting caught by the legislation and potentially having to pay both hefty fines and backdated income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) – not a good scenario for either party.

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