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Larsen Howie launches contractor personal accident insurance

7th January 2019

We've kicked off 2019 with a brand new product launch - we've added Contractor Personal Accident insurance to our ever-expanding repertoire, as of January 3rd.

Contractor PA protects contractors against financial loss through suffering an occupational injury.

Whether an accident happens in the home office, commuting to work, or at work - either in the UK or abroad - Contractor PA provides a weekly benefit should the insured sustain temporary total disability or permanent total disability that stops them from working.

Should the worst happen and the insured suffers either a loss of limb or life, a lump sum is paid.

If such an injury were to happen to an employee, their company of employment would look after them. When self-employed, it's not quite so easy; any current contracts could be lost along with expected earnings. This, of course, would be disastrous to the contractor and their family.

Our Contractor Personal Accident insurance starts at just £50.00, but could prove invaluable.If you'd like any further information on our Contractor PA, please feel free to email us on customer.service@larsenhowie.co.uk or call on 01163 800 400.

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