Professional Indemnity Insurance

Why buy a Larsen Howie Professional Indemnity policy?

Free IR35 Contract Review    Includes a free IR35 review


We'll give you an overall inside/outside IR35 opinion regarding your contract as a whole, including a comprehensive list of essential changes (if any need to be made). We'll also recommend a list of insurances tailored to you and offer guidance on any applicable legislation.

Expert IR35 Advice   Expert advice and consultancy
    Our Head of Tax, Andy Vessey, is widely recognised as one of the UK’s foremost IR35 experts, having personally defended more than 500 IR35 cases, the overwhelming majority of which he has won. His expertise is accessible for all clients of Larsen Howie, offering contract consultancy, advice and representation for an HMRC investigation - including tribunal representation should it reach that stage.

Tailored to Contractors   Tailored to contractors, freelancers & consultants
    The beauty of contracting is that each client, job and project is different from day to day, and we simply don't feel that a cookie-cutter review does your contract justice. We approach each contract review as a unique document, so you get tailored recommendations and as accurate an opinion as possible. That's why our services are made for contractors, freelancers and consultants. 
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