We harp on a fair bit about contractors and the UK’s contractor community. Let’s face it, it’s our speciality, so that’s somewhat inevitable.

But what exactly is the stature of this community? What are their areas of expertise? How many are there?

Well, thankfully, contracting organisation IT Contractors UK has revealed its list of Top Contracting Facts and Figures for 2018. Their survey helps shed some light on just how many people have decided that contracting is for them.

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According to the report, there are around 2 million professionals who work on a self-employed basis. Of that 2 million, 1.77 million are contracting on a full-time basis, bringing in a staggering £119 billion to the UK economy.

Geographical basis

Like many industries, it’s the South-West and greater London that is home to the majority of contractors – around 43%. The rest of the contractor workforce are spread fairly evenly throughout the rest of the UK.

The report identifies some of the key areas contractors are finding work at present. IT is a naturally large pull for contractors, but other areas, including oil and gas, renewable energy, construction, automotive and even nuclear, are all attracting contractors.

Contractors skills in demand

But are there any specific skills that are currently in demand?  Of course there are, and they include engineers, developers, technology consultants and designers.  It's no surprise to see that these are all roles currently being hired to fill by agencies across the UK.

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The report concludes with a few facts about contracting. For example, a contractor in London can charge up to £300 an hour for their skills, while in the Welsh town of Carmarthen, the average hourly rate is a staggering £145!

The report certainly sheds some light on not only how important and integrated the UK’s contractor community has become. Not only that, but also the spectrum of areas they are required in, and some of the fantastic pay contractors may be receiving.

So, if you’ve considered making the leap to contracting, the timing frankly couldn’t be better. Join a strong community that only looks like it will keep growing and growing, is a happy place to be, and offers a fantastic range of flexibility and pay!

The full article can be read by clicking here.