IR35 Contract Reviews Range

Every contract has its own IR35 position, and it only takes one contract to be deemed inside IR35 when it was thought to be outside to be caught and go through a costly process of paying back what HMRC deem to be owed in back tax, interest and penalties.  Having each contract reviewed is vital in being proactive and ensuring the correct IR35 status is ascertained in advance of a potential HMRC enquiry.

Our range of IR35 Contract Reviews includes:

     Bullet Point    IR35 Contract Review - Assessment
  Bullet Point   IR35 Contract Review - Full
     Bullet Point    IR35 Working Practices Review

Our 'IR35 Contract Review - Assessment', 'IR35 Contract Review - Full', 'IR35 Contract Review - Refresher' and 'IR35 Contract Review - Convert' provide differing levels of feedback and inclusive options, allowing each individual contractor, freelancer or consultant to decide what is most suited to their needs.  The table below highlights the differences, options and upgrades available between them:

    Assessment     Full Review  
  Overall inside/outside opinion Included Included
  Succinct list of essential changes  Included Included
  Agency and end client liaison  Included Included
  Required insurances highlighted  Included Included
  Bespoke comments on each applicable clause Not Included Included
  Guidance on legislation for extended contracts Not Included Included
  Guidance on switching to contracting Not Included Included
  Working practices review  +£30.00 +£30.00
  Confirmation of arrangements document issued  +£30.00 Included
 Cost:   £60.00 £118.80
  Service level options:    
  Standard five business day turnaround  Included Included
  Next business day turnaround +£36.00 +£60.00


How do I send my contract/documents to you to review?

Copies of your contract and any other supporting documentation is uploaded online. This can be done by clicking here

How do I complete the Working Practices Review?

If you already receive or choose to add the IR35 Working Practices Review to your order, you should complete and submit this to us online.  This can be done by clicking here

No contract at all?

And finally, for those contractors that think that by not having a written contract in place means they are exempt from being caught inside IR35 then they need to think again.  HMRC can, and will likely conclude a ‘hypothetical contract’ based on the working arrangements they deem are in place between the contractor and the end client, which will likely be found to be inside of IR35.

IR35 Insurances

In addition to IR35 Contract Reviews, we also offer our IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance which covers the cost of professional representation for a HMRC enquiry, as well as our premier product IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities Insurance which covers the cost of professional representation for a HMRC enquiry as well as the back tax, interest and penalty liabilities that are due as a result.