The prospect of the potential changes to IR35 being introduced to the private sector is a cause of much anxiety and anger among the contractor community. So much so that we could be about to see contractors strike due to IR35 reforms.

The reforms have had a major impact on contracting in the public sector after they were introduced last year. Many contractors are now choosing not to continue working in the sector with serious repercussions being the result. Certain projects haven’t been completed due to a lack of skilled workers, and social care has been particularly hard hit.

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One of the most vociferous campaigners against the reforms has been Mike Gibson. Gibson, who operates a PSC under the name of Ethical Consulting, put together a campaign last year aimed at legally challenging the legislation around IR35 in the public sector.

Gibson is now calling for a mass protest. He wants those who would be affected by the reforms being extended into the private sector to join him.

IR35 strike

Though plans are in their infancy, Gibson believes that a march to the Houses of Parliament and the delivery of a petition could give a visible indication of the sentiment towards these reforms within the contractor community.

“The intent is to show the volume of support for the campaigns and send a clear message that IR35 will be a key issue at the next election,” Gibson is reported as saying by Contractor UK.

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He is also looking to create a directory of MPs responses to letters objecting to IR35 changes. This would help solidify the overall view of MPs on the issue. In addition it would then create a log of the pros and cons of said reforms.

The petition Gibson alludes to is available to sign here.

On his website, with regards to this petition, Gibson says: “Whilst our focus remains on getting IR35 repealed in its entirety, we have an opportunity to register the strength of our feeling with Parliament by asking for the roll out of IR35 to the private sector to be halted. I urge you to support this survey and get all your colleagues to do the same. Spread the word as far and wide as possible.”

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