A few weeks ago our MD Pete Willcocks posted on LinkedIn a Times article about about Philip Hammond planning tax grab on contractors (see here) which attracted a fair bit of commentary and debate.

One of the commentators on the article was contractor Ian McKendrick, who after a short time decided that he wanted to do something about the rumoured IR35 changes, and so created an online government petition which he shared to the article thread, asking people to sign it and promote it. Having gained the five signatures to get it live, one of which was Pete's, the petition has been snowballing since.

The petition entitled 'Do not extend IR35 legislation to the private sector' states that "There is evidence that the Chancellor is planning to extend IR35 legislation to the private sector in an attempt to equalise the payments and tax regimes between contractors and permanent employees. Contractors take considerable risk in their financial stability and can be without work for weeks".

In the two weeks since its inception it has had over 9,000 signatures added to it, taking it close to the 10,000 threshold that mandates that the government will respond to it.  100,000 signatures sees the petition considered for debate in Parliament, so any contractor out there that feels strongly should append their name to the growing list and help push it towards that figure - remember, a growing voice will eventually be heard.

To sign the petition simply add your name here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/204121

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