Demand for IT contractors reached its highest point so far this year last month. So if you’re an IT contractor between roles, you’re in luck!

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, demand for workers with IT skills on a temporary basis reached a score of 62.1 in August – more than the previous 2017 high of 61.9 in May.

This is also the highest figure since April 2015.

That April 2015 figure was likely due to the start of a new financial year, but the reasons for the latest positive figures are a little more interesting.

Kevin Green, REC’s CEO, says that businesses are ‘seeking more professional and managerial capability’.

“In many areas of the jobs market candidate supply cannot meet demand,” Green said. Employers are having to offer more money to secure the people with the skills they need. While the working population in general has experienced a pay squeeze, there are clearly opportunities now to earn more by moving jobs.”

There’s also good news if you’re a contractor who uses an umbrella company to find work.

Green explains: “Employers are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies as it becomes harder to find the people to fill the jobs available.”

With regards to the specifics of what companies are crying out for, selected IT skills rose to the top. According to the REC, these included specialism in Devops, E-commerce, General IT, Java and UI/UX Tester. Roles covering CAD Design, PHP Development and General IT were also highlighted as areas many companies were struggling to fill due to a lack of available expertise.

Whether this demand will continue is hard to tell, but if you are contractor currently between roles, get searching. There are plenty of opportunities out there!