A new initiative could help prepare the next generation of workers for the demands of contracting.

The Entrepreneurship Competence framework – or ‘Entrecomp’ for short – is a proposed standard for enterprise education in universities across the UK and European Union.

 The framework is not as entrepreneurially-focused as one may first think. The aim is to help students develop entrepreneurial skills to help them actively participate in today’s society, as well as manage their lives and careers.

 Many elements of the framework have been identified as potentially beneficial to students interested in working as a contractor or freelancer following the completion of their studies.

 The framework is divided into three key areas, the first of which is ‘ideas and opportunities’. This covers competencies such as ‘spotting opportunities, creativity, vision, valuing ideas and ethical and sustainable thinking’.

Working as a contractor, identifying new opportunities in the market can be a key differentiator between success and failure.

The second area is resources, which covers factors such as ‘self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and perseverance, mobilising resources, financial and economic literacy’. These all come into play when it comes to securing the next contract, and guaranteeing a steady flow of work.

The final area is named ‘Into action’, which encourages dynamism and initiative, planning and management, coping with uncertainty, and learning through experience. Contractors will know the value of such things in their own work.

Olaitan Ajimobi, IPSE’s education and training officer, commented: With this framework in place in university curriculums, it seems likely students would have a higher chance of graduating with the foundational training they need for a successful career as an independent professional.”