Ahhhhhhhhh Christmas. It’s nearly here. If you’re anything like me you’re probably considering starting your shopping soon (five days is plenty of time – isn’t it?)

But for contractors, what does the festive period mean to them?

Well Contractor Calculator has spent some time in the build up to the big day finding out what contractors really want from St Nick this year, and the results are pretty interesting.

You can take all your fancy tablets and Hatchimals and whatchamacallits, but 55% of the self-employed would prefer to receive a big hug and time off with their family this Christmas.

Love them or hate them, the Christmas do is always a big event on any company calendar. Naturally as a contractor things work a little differently however, and the stats found that half prefer to avoid client parties, while 19% haven’t even been invited, which isn’t really in the Christmas spirit, is it.

Rather less festively, around 45% of the self-employed will be working at some point during the Christmas period, and 31% will be taking off less than a week off work.

And just think – it won’t be long until Christmas has come and gone and you enter that week where you don’t know what day it is and you’ve had all the chocolate you can possible imagine – but then find some more and think ‘why not?’ Well, in that week, to try and get some grip back on reality, you might turn your thoughts to 2017.

What are contractors expecting next year? Well, 34% expect a better year in 2017 than in 2016 according to the research. Around half expect roughly the same, and 18% think things will get worse. Poor souls.

From everybody at Larsen Howie, have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

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