About Us

Whilst we were only established as a company in 2015, we have been working in the insurance industry, specifically the contractor, freelancer and consultant marketplace since the early 2000’s.  The chances are you have probably dealt with some of our people previously for Business Insurances or IR35 Contract Reviews, as we’re a group of familiar faces with over two decades’ experience from some of the biggest names in the marketplace.

As a company, we have grown enormously in a short period of time, with our success based on a combination of cutting edge technology, tailored products and services, and an unparalleled level of personal customer service.  We offer our customers exactly what they need to protect their business and ensure they get peace of mind and at competitive prices, all of which is possible through utilising our decades of experience and unique understanding of the contractor marketplace.

Based in a single site office in the heart of rural Leicestershire, our dedicated teams work tirelessly to assist our customers whilst building up personal relationships, as well as working to research the contractor marketplace to develop new and exciting products and services, all of which keeps us at the front of the competition and allows us to be the broker of preference for the modern-day contractor.

We recognise that being in business on your own as a contractor, freelancer or consultant can sometimes be lonely, you’re more vulnerable and unsure who to turn to for advice and guidance and hesitant in who to trust.  At Larsen Howie, we guide you through the insurance and IR35 landscape, ensuring that your business is covered against the many perils faced on a day to day basis via us passing on our decades of experience in the industry to you. Once you get to know us we know you’ll grow to trust us and feel fully protected.

Many agencies and end clients insist on various insurances prior to commencing a contract, and without having them in place you could be missing out on the perfect contract.  Our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy is one of the most competitive and comprehensive in the market, and along with our Public (& Employers) Liability, Contractor Legal Protection policies, IR35 Tax Investigation and IR35 Tax Investigation & Liabilities insurances, IR35 Contract Reviews and wide range of IR35 Services, we offer a complete solution to the modern contractor, all of which are transacted via our state of the art and easy to use website, which is backed up with the following benefits: 

     Bullet Point     Instant quote facility
     Bullet Point     Immediate coverage and access to policy documents
     Bullet Point     Flexible payment options
     Bullet Point     Speedy renewal process
     Bullet Point     A comprehensive range of tailored products
     Bullet Point     Ability to provide cover for previous work
     Bullet Point     Coverage for a wide range of trades and professions
     Bullet Point     No administration fee to update your basic details
     Bullet Point     Low interest on monthly payments
     Bullet Point     A highly experienced and fully UK based team